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Your Partner for Nationwide Car Transport

When you need to move your car across the state from Jeffersonville, KY, trust A2B Systems to transport it safely. As a dependable vehicle transport company, we have helped countless clients move their vehicles throughout the state of Kentucky. Whether you are an individual relocating for work, or a dealership that needs to ship out your inventory, our skilled team is always ready to help. So contact us when you need fast car shipping and let our team take care of moving your vehicle across the state and beyond. 

Shipping a Variety of Vehicles Far and Near

Our company provides reliable nationwide car transport services. Wherever your vehicle needs to go, our skilled and experienced drivers deliver it safe and sound. You may have an antique car you would like to drive when you’re down in Florida. Or you may run a business where you ship cars, trucks, and SUVs across the country. We can do either for you for one or many vehicles.

Let us work with you to get that private or commercial vehicle to its destination, whether for sentimental, recreational, or monetary value. We’re proud to serve individual owners, as well as companies. The industries  we serve include:


Moving Companies

Whether it’s from the factory, to another dealership or for a customer, the drivers for our nationwide car shipping company are waiting to transport your vehicle in one of our road-ready trucks. We take care when loading the cars and securing them properly, so they arrive in mint condition. Let us work with you in helping your customers transport their belongings. You have trucks for boxes and appliances, while ours are designed for vehicles. Together, we make sure the car gets to its destination as expected.

Government Agencies


Your agency has a fleet of vehicles necessary to get the job done. Rather than have employees drive them across the state or country, count on us for nationwide car transport services. Your business is to help people move from one place to another. We can help companies and businesses with relocation services. Call us to make the arrangements.


At A2B Systems, we understand that it can be difficult to get around without your car. That is why when we ship your vehicle, we always strive to deliver it as quickly and efficiently as possible. This way, you should have the least amount of downtime at your new location before your car arrives. And while we place a heavy focus on speed and reliability, we never compromise safety to accomplish this goal. Our drivers all have years of experience performing long-distance car transport, and our equipment is always professionally maintained. Whether you are moving your car across the city, state, or country, trust our drivers to get it to its destination.